Sustainable revenue. New customers. Social impact.

Partner with Perch Houses to create rental and social value with your SFR portfolio through co-living for women age 55+.

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Transforming Single-Family Rentals for 55+ Solo Agers

Guaranteed Rental Income

Enjoy consistent income over extended periods, with the added benefit of unlocking additional value from underutilized properties.

Diversify your resident profile

Perch Houses' residents are fully vetted with background, credit, and income checks. They're great neighbors and great for the neighborhood. They'll make your house a home.

Meaningful social impact

By providing attainable housing for middle-income 55+ women, you can align your portfolio with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and contribute positively to the communities we serve together.

We’re seeking partners to create the future of living for solo agers.
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